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SO goddamned awesome

Honestly the Funniest animation I've seen all year. Not much more to say, it was perfect.


this is truly the best flash animation i have seen... ever, really.
the music, the art, the style, everything. perfect.
hard to review something perfect.
but still... perfect.

johnnyutah's was the best

but really it was much to short.

Stamper responds:

i feel like i'm missing a joke opportunity here

oh well

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Goddamnit, I have a soft spot for trans stuff, Also the ending was really good.


Long live the Krew, the only people to still hold the true spirit of newgrounds.

111122223188 responds:

sad but maybe true. ben10 dressup is not the true spirit of newgrounds.

Awesome as always.

D-did justin bieber just kill slender man?

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It was definitely good, it felt bouncy and fun, kind of old timey.

Mind ruptured

this was incredible, i've downloaded it already.
purely one of the best metal songs on newgrounds, i would write more but i dont know what you can improve on, so im just gonna sing.
never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
never gonna run around and dessert you.
never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye.
Ok im done.

Deathcalypse responds:

Haha, thanks for the review! \m/

The best

this may just be the best song on newgrounds, probably will use this at some point.
the tempo changes were incredibly well done but i thought they were alittle much.
5/5 10/10

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Zombie love.

Is there anyone who hasn't had the fantasy of a zombie apocalypse where only the girl you like and you survive then you have to repopulate the earth?
I know i have, and this sort of reminds me of that, whatever the original intent of this work was.
As for the art itself, you should know by now how i feel about your stuff, all epic, weird, gory yet somehow still sexy.

Ps. why do only two skeletons have hair?


obviously inspired by frank frazetta, but still its own style.
the skulls and his leg didn't look to great, and sure they're in the background kinda, but your others don't seem to that problem. i think it was good, the monkey could use alot of work, and the two women on the bottom could use some aswell, but the women on top seemed quite good.
its not frazetta, but no one is.


Glasses are back!
i missed glasses, but anyway on to the thing-a-ma-bobber.
i Really liked this one, the freckles were a nice touch, although the ones on the arm could look better. The anatomy was kinda off on this one, for instance, the blue haired one's breasts are fighting gravity and winning, and her hand looks pretty messed up.
the shading looks almost perfect as always, and the fact that there penises are hidden by the covers are an added bonus.


Your fan

~Killa Z

TheShadling responds:

thei dont have penises this time.

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